Different Boilers You Can Install

Considering how cold it can be in the UK, we should have a greater understanding of the single most important appliance in our homes; the boiler. This short guide delves into the different types of boilers installed in our homes. 

Types of boiler

The below boilers are examples of condensing boilers...

Conventional/regular boiler 

Conventional/regular boilers have two separate tanks in the loft, one which feeds the hot water cylinder, usually situated in a small cupboard upstairs and another that maintains the water level of the central heating system as a whole. Conventional boilers are ideal:

  • For homes where there are two or more bathrooms and have a high demand for hot water
  • For homes where water pressure is low
  • For homeowners replacing an existing boiler with an older radiator system

System boiler

System boilers work in a similar fashion to conventional boilers, except there's no need for additional tanks in the loft as all the major components are built into the boiler itself. System boilers are ideal:

  • For homes with more than one bathroom
  • For homes where there is a need for a constant supply of hot water 

Combination/combi boiler

Combi boilers, increasing in popularity across the UK, heat water directly from the mains. Combi boilers are ideal:

  • For smaller homes limited on storage space or where there is no loft space
  • Because they deliver water at mains pressure, meaning there could be no need for a separate pump
  • Because there's no risk of loft pipework freezing

Other types of boiler

It's also possible to install oil-fired boilers, which are the alternative solution for homes that are not connected to mains gas. They usually cost an extra few £100's to run per year in comparison to condensing gas boilers. 
You can also install Biomass boilers, which burn wood pellets/logs. 

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