Signs that suggest it's time for a new boiler

Now we’re in winter you’ll probably find yourself heavily relying on your boiler. We know that when it starts misbehaving, it can be really stressful and inconvenient! So, we’ve put together some signs, which may suggest it’s time for a replacement.

Your boiler's age matters

When your boiler’s old, it’ll likely need more repairs. Typically, boilers last about 15 years- though it may need some maintenance along the way. Having an annual boiler service is one of the best ways to prolong your boiler’s life. So, if it’s nearing this age, you should probably consider replacing it.

Modern boilers are a lot more efficient. Plus, technology advances has meant that there are several upgrades available, which can help you manage your heating. However, this will not be available for older boiler models.

Modern boilers also come with an efficiency rating. These are on a scale of A-G. This indicate how energy efficient the model is. 

Typically, newer boilers have efficiency ratings of around 90%, whereas older boilers can have less than 70%. So, you may want to consider upgrading your old boiler to a new one. This could end up saving you hundreds of pounds every year on your energy bills.

Signs to look for that may mean you need a boiler replacement

Frequent repairs

When your boiler breaks, you’ll need to get it repaired- the sooner, the better. However, when you find it frequently breaking down, and you keep needing to call for assistance, you should consider replacing it. Having a boiler replacement may seem like a big investment initially, but in the long-run it should work out a considerably cheaper, and be more convenient than frequent repairs.

Water leak

Puddles of water under your boiler is a clear sign that you need to pay it some attention. Water leaking in your home won’t ever be a good sign. And when it’s coming from your boiler, you could end up causing irreversible damage. So, if you notice a water leak at your boiler’s base, get it looked at ASAP. There’s a chance your boiler could need replacing, or at least repairing! Water leaking slowly may not appear like a problem needing immediate addressing. However, avoiding it can easily lead to far more serious issues.

Gas leak

If you don’t deal with a water leak quickly, you could end up having a carbon monoxide leak. This is really dangerous- potentially fatal! It’s known as the silent killer because, with no colour, smell or taste, the gas is difficult to detect with your senses. So, that’s why we urge everyone to have a carbon monoxide detector fitted.

Along with getting your boiler serviced annually, a carbon monoxide detector is a great way to keep your house safe. If your detector goes off, immediately seek assistance. It’s a clear sign that your boiler needs serious attention. It’ll probably need replacing. Also pay attention to your boiler’s flame. Your flame should be blue and crisp. If it’s yellow and lazy looking, then it’s another indicator of the presence of carbon monoxide.

Do you need a boiler repair in Rustington?

Whatever the cause, it’s important to get any boiler problem checked at the earliest opportunity. If you need assistance- whether that be a replacement or a boiler repair- in Rustington, or its surrounding areas, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re Gas Safe Registered and fully insured. Plus, we promise to always offer first-class services at competitive prices.