Things to look out for in your bathroom

Things to look out for in your bathroom

Sometimes, your bathroom can clearly indicate that you have an issue. So, here are some things we advise you keep a lookout for.

Taps and sinks

Constant Dripping

If you find your shower, or sink is constantly dripping, you have a problem. It could be that your water pressure in your pipes is too high, or that water, isn’t draining properly when you turn off the tap. Or, perhaps the valve- which controls the on and off setting- has broken. While dripping taps may just seem like a slight inconvenience to start with, trust us when we tell you that it can become a serious problem! Constant dripping can cause your water and (if it’s hot water escaping) your energy bills to soar. Plus, if left untreated they can damage your plumbing, resulting in more issues and more costs. So, don’t ignore dripping tips. Get the issue resolved asap!

Slow drainage

You’ve probably experienced slow drainage before. Maybe something caused an obstruction, and a simple removal quickly solved the issue. However, if you find that your sink, or bathtub keeps draining slowly- and you can’t successfully resolve the issue- the drainage problem is probably part of the plumbing itself. You could have a broken pipe, or maybe your main drain isn’t having pooled water properly removed. Water can lead to problems, such as health issues and mould growing. So, if you experience slow drainage, seek professional assistance.

Oddly Coloured Water

Keep an eye on the colour of your water. It should be clear when it comes out your pipes. If you see any other colour, you may be needing a plumbing repair. Cloudy, or white water typically indicates air in your pipes; red, brown or yellow water could signify rust- which can be caused when your pipes are old, or if a water main breaks in your area; and green water can mean that your copper plumbing has corroded.

Stains and Damages

Many signs in your bathroom could indicate a leak. One common sign is a brown ceiling stain. So, make sure you keep a lookout on the ceiling in the room below your bathroom. However, it’s not just ceilings which can become discoloured and damaged. Also, check your walls and floors.

Damaged Walls

If your walls become stained or warped, then you likely have a plumbing leak. When drywall is exposed to moisture, it can start to bubble and becomes soft. It eventually warps and then breaks off into pieces. The wallpaper and paint can also blister, when you have a leak. The steam from a hot shower shouldn’t affect your wallpaper or paint. However, when moisture comes between the wall and paint, the two can become separated and your wallpaper and paint could rise and fall of the wall. So, if you notice any of these signs, you should contact a plumber.

Damaged Floors

Unless you have a leak, your floors shouldn’t become damaged from water. If you notice your floor starts staining or cracking, hidden water is probably responsible. Large amounts of water can make floors feel spongy, or soft and can even cause tiles to become loose.

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