Benefits of Boiler Servicing

Getting your boiler serviced annually with our gas engineers is the easiest way to protect your boiler, your family and your money; here are just some of the benefits of a regular boiler service...

Regular boiler servicing keeps you and your family safe

Carbon monoxide (‘The Silent Killer’) is a poisonous gas released from faulty boilers (not in all cases, of course!). Adding to the risk, carbon monoxide is colourless and has no scent, so you have no way of knowing you are breathing it in until you feel the symptoms. Symptoms include dizziness, nausea, loss of consciousness and fainting and it sends around 4000 people to A&E each year. Our gas engineers in Rustington can target any weak spots or potential problem areas on your boiler with an annual boiler service before they cause you or your family any harm. 

Regular boiler servicing reduces your heating bills

During a boiler service, our gas engineers will ensure that your boiler is working as efficiently as possible and wasting as little energy as possible. Subsequently, as the boiler works more efficiently, you'll waste less money on heating your home; especially useful because no one wants to be paying for gas they aren’t actually using! 

Regular boiler servicing is cheaper than a new boiler!

Getting your boiler serviced by us every year may feel like something else to worry about, but at least you can have complete peace of mind that your boiler is less likely to breakdown and potentially leave you with an expensive replacement boiler bill.
In addition, not only does spotting problems with your boiler early on make it easier to fix and for us to find spare parts, it also makes the repair a lot cheaper! 

Regular boiler servicing keeps your warranty valid

Most boilers come with an extended warranty/guarantee of up to 10 years (dependent on the installer and the manufacturer), although most also come with several conditions. One of these conditions often includes the maintenance of an annual boiler service, meaning if you go 12 months without a boiler check, you may void the warranty/guarantee.
While you may think an annual boiler servicing is another unnecessary cost, the cost of voiding your warranty will be much higher as you wont be covered for any breakdowns, parts or repairs in the future.

Regular boiler servicing keeps you home insurance valid

As well as your warranty, many home insurance policies also require annual boiler checks to ensure everything is running safely. In the unlikely event of a house fire caused by your boiler, you risk voiding your insurance if you have not had your boiler checked in the last twelve months. As a result, your home will not be covered for any damages caused by the fire.

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