Central Heating Myths Explained

There a few central heating myths that many people still believe to be truth. However, in this blog post here at Shoreline Plumbing, Heating & Gas, we've corrected these myths. Find out whether you were under the impression that some of these were accurate or not. If you require any of our services, please get in touch by giving us a call on our phone number on,  01903 863224, 07584 093260 or 01243 884222. Alternatively, you can see our other contact details at the bottom of this page. 

Myth #1: Expensive Boilers Are Always the Best Boilers

More often than note, people believe that value depends on price - Which is not always the case. In fact, regardless of whether you paid significantly for your boiler or if your boiler was relatively affordable, boiler servicing is one way to keep your boiler in great condition. Boiler servicing is a serviced offered by Gas Safe registered engineers and is recommended on an annual basis. However, believe it or not, it is a legal requirement of landlords. 

Myth #2: Bigger Radiators Are Much Better

Another misconception about central heating is that bigger radiators means better heat. As such with the previous myth, this isn't the case. Having a Gas Safe registered engineer install bigger radiators doesn't mean that the warmth produced will be greater or improved. In fact, bigger radiators means that your boiler could be overworked. 

Myth #3: Larger Boilers Means More Heat

The final myth we've covered in this list is the misconception that bigger boilers mean more heat. The reality of this myth is that bigger boilers will push our more heat, yet if your radiators are quite small, the amount of heat received will be just the same as it would be with a smaller boiler. In a nutshell, your home won't benefit from better or improved heat, simply because your boiler is a lot bigger than usual. In addition to this, nor is it efficient or practical. Your boiler should and the entire system should relate with the size of your home.

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