When should you service your boiler?

Getting your boiler serviced isn't just another thing to spend your money on and it can help out you and your home in many ways. But when is it time to get your boiler serviced and how often should you do it?

Service your boiler every year

Your boiler should be serviced every year, no matter what. This is the best amount of time to leave between servicing, and any more regularly may be unnecessary. Leaving a year in between is short enough to spot any problems before they develop, as well as limiting wear over time. 

As well as keeping your boiler in good working order, it is necessary for most warranties and guarantees, so we definitely recommend it in the long run!

Service your boiler when you first move in

As well as servicing it each year, you should service your boiler when you move into a new house. This keeps you safe and it is best to find out about any problems straight away since you don't always know when it was last checked. This means you can solve any problems quickly and efficiently, rather than leaving things to deteriorate even further. This gives you the peace of mind that you can enjoy your new home, feeling safe and sound.

Service your boiler in the summer

Ideally, your annual boiler service should take place in the summer months. Not only is this when engineers are likely to be the least busy, but it is also the best time to spot any problems. Rather than switching on your boiler at the end of September and spotting a faulty that leaves you without a boiler for weeks, find the problem in the summer when you don't rely on your boiler so much.

The best time is between July and August- why not book in today?

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