What is the Gas Safe Register?

In search of a gas engineer in Rustington or anywhere along the south coast? Remember to always hire an engineer that is Gas Safe Registered. Unsure what the Gas Safe Register is? Take a read...

What is the Gas Safe Register? 

The Gas Safe Register is list of all UK businesses and engineers that hold all of the necessary qualifications to legally work with gas boilers, cookers, hobs, fires etc. 
Any business that is on the register is subject to regular quality checks. Any work that is deemed sub-standard and below the expectations of Gas Safe can either be suspended from the Register or totally removed. Thus, when hiring a Gas Safe Registered engineer you can have complete confidence that their will work will be carried out to a safe and professional standard. 
Nonetheless, if you have any worries about an engineers work, you can get in touch with the Gas Safe Register and have their work checked. 

What is the difference between the Gas Safe Register and CORGI?

To put it simply, not much. The Gas Safe Register replaced CORGI in 2009 as the official gas registration body in the UK. Having said that, if an engineer possesses a CORGI card but no Gas Safe card, they are unable to legally carry out gas work.

How do I know the engineer is Gas Safe?

You have two options...
1.  You can ask the engineer to show you their Gas Safe card (they are legally required to show you their ID upon request). 
2.  You can head over to the Gas Safe Register website and check on the engineer's credentials using their registration number, company name etc. 
Our Gas Safe Registration number is: 552502 and we cover Rustington and the surrounding areas. 

Again, please do not take the risk and make sure to always check. 

But it's cheaper to hire a non-Gas Safe Registered engineer...

It might be cheaper to hire a non-Gas Safe Registered engineer, but it's definitely not a sensible/safe thing to do. Hiring a non-Gas Safe Registered engineer puts your family and home at risk of gas leaks, fire, carbon monoxide poisoning and potential explosions. The Gas Safe qualification ensures that you and your family are safe.

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