Powerflushing in Rustington, West Sussex

Offering our powerflushing service in Angmering, East Preston, Ferring, Littlehampton, Arundel, Worthing and the rest of the South Coast, including Brighton and Chichester.

If you have cold radiators, or your radiators are taking their time to warm up, your central heating system could benefit from a powerflush. Book a powerflush with our expert engineers by calling us today on 01903 863224 or alternatively, use the contact details down below. 

Our powerflushing service

Over time through normal every day-to-day use, rust, sludge and other debris collects in the pipework of the central heating system which when left, will effect the efficiency of the overall heating system. 

To counteract this, we can powerflush your heating system. When we powerflush your central heating system, we'll inject water at a controlled, but high velocity to remove all of the build up inside. We'll also add our cleansing and immobilising agents to further improve the flushing process. After we've finished flushing your central heating system, you will instantly notice warmer radiators and over time, reduced energy bills. 

Call us on 01903 863224 for a free quote on a powerflush. 

Do you need a powerflush?

Check out these signs to see if your central heating system needs a powerflush...

  • If your radiators aren't warming up or there are cold spots on your radiators (despite recently bleeding them), it could be time for a powerflush
  • Discoloured water flows out of your radiator after bleeding them
  • Tap water is cloudy (indication that there is limescale in the system)
  • Radiators/boiler is noisy
  • Boiler shuts down on its own and needs to be continuously restarted

If you have noticed any of these signs and are local to Rustington, do not hesitate to get in touch!

Book a powerflush with our experts in Rustington

Interested in improving your central heating with a powerflush? To book a powerflush with our expert engineers, please send us a message using our contact form or call us on 01903 863224, 07584 093260 or 01243 884222

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