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Underfloor heating installation

Underfloor heating is quickly becoming more and more popular as an alternative way to heat the home. Why? With underfloor heating, unsightly radiators that take up unnecessary room and limit the position of furniture can become a thing of the past. 

If you're looking to install underfloor heating in your home, get in touch with us at Shoreline! We can install underfloor heating on all types of flooring including concrete, floor tiles, wood, carpet and we can install it in any room in the home. So, whether you would like us to fit underfloor heating under the floor tiles in your new bathroom or under the laminate flooring in your kitchen, we have you covered. 

After we've finished installing your underfloor heating, we will help you maintain it with maintenance tips and an annual service. 

Our Underfloor Heating Installation Process

Step 1 - Preparation

The installation begins by deciding where the thermostat will be installed, arranging for heating operation, and cleaning, smoothing, and drying the subfloor. Before the heating is installed, all elements are checked.

Step 2 – Installing Insulation

The floor insulation is evenly applied to the subfloor by your installer. Floor insulation allows the system to warm up even faster! Find out more about floor insulation.

Step 3 – Customised  Installation 

Your skilled underfloor heating installer then installs your custom-designed floor heating system, monitoring its operation at every stage, including during screed application.

Step 4 – Fitting and safeguarding 

To prevent damage, the installer secures the heating to the floor and covers it. Probes are fitted, depending on the final flooring, to regulate the finished floor temperature to the manufacturer's guidelines. 

Step 5 - Complete the floor

The end result is a smooth, solid floor on which the flooring specialist can apply the chosen final floor finish, with the added security of monitor boxes to ensure that everything is in working order when he leaves.

Why install underfloor heating? 

Installing underfloor heating in your home has various advantages, many of which become obvious almost soon after installation. Some of the major advantages of installing underfloor heating in your home are as follows: 

 No more unsightly radiators 

Because all of the pipework for your underfloor heating has been buried, you can finally say goodbye to your radiators. 

 Heat your room evenly 

Radiators only heat the space directly in front of them, leaving the remainder of the room cold and unwelcoming. Underfloor heating, on the other hand, employs radiant heat to heat the room uniformly. 

 Your rooms feel warmer, faster. 

Underfloor heating uses radiant heat rather than convection heat, which heats the items in the room rather than the air compared to radiators. 

 Underfloor heating is an energy-efficient solution. 

Radiant heat lasts longer than conventional heat. You can save money by turning off your heating while still enjoying the warmth in your rooms for hours afterwards.

Give us a call on 01903 863224 if you would like us to install underfloor heating in your home and take advantage of the benefits above! 

Underfloor heating types 

Not only is it the most efficient means of heating your home, but it has also grown in popularity over the years and is available in two varieties: water and electric underfloor heating.

Water Underfloor Heating 

Water underfloor heating uses hot water generated by your boiler and circulates it through a network of pipes. They are slightly more expensive than electric underfloor heating, but they are much more energy-efficient and require little to no maintenance.

Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating makes use of heating mats or coils that are driven by a mains power supply. It is also linked to a thermostat, giving you complete control over your heating. The type of electric flooring you install is entirely determined by your wants and requirements. If you would like to seek our professional guidance, please contact us using the information provided below.

What type of flooring do I require for Underfloor Heating? 

People frequently believe that in order to install underfloor heating, you must have a specific type of flooring. This is not the case, as underfloor heating can be installed beneath a variety of flooring. Underfloor heating can be installed in a variety of flooring types, including: 



 Tiles & Stones


And there's more! If you'd like to talk about your options, our highly trained and licenced underfloor installers are here to help! All of our customers in West Sussex, including Worthing, Chichester, and the surrounding areas, are entitled to a free underfloor heating quote.

How does underfloor heating work? 

Underfloor heating works by converting the floor surface into a massive, efficient, and invisible heat emitter. To warm the room from the bottom up, heating tubes or cables are put beneath the floor and heated. Warm water underfloor heating systems require strong, flexible tubing, whereas electric underfloor heating systems use cables. 

Underfloor heating can use significantly lower water temperatures than radiators since it covers such a huge surface area. This improves efficiency – especially with a heat pump – and also heats a space more evenly because there are no cold zones.

Why choose Shoreline Plumbing, Heating & Gas? 

Our engineers are Gas Safe registered and well trained to install underfloor heating, so you can relax knowing you're in good hands. Our heating engineers ensure that all work is completed to the highest standards and meets your specifications. This is something that our customers throughout West Sussex, including Worthing, Chichester, and the surrounding areas, value; don't just take our word for it; visit the reviews page to read some of their feedback or see one of our reviews below.

'Excellent service every time. Have used them for all my bathrooms and under floor heating. Outstanding.'

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