Boiler service in Rustington, West Sussex

Also offering boiler servicing in Angmering, East Preston, Ferring, Littlehampton, Arundel, Worthing and the rest of the South Coast, including Brighton and Chichester.

Need a boiler engineer to service your boiler? Local to Rustington, Littlehampton etc.? Please give our offices in Rustington a call on 01903 863224 or use the contact details down below to book your boiler in for its annual service. 

Annual boiler service in Rustington

Much like an MOT and service on a car, a boiler service is recommended annually so to ensure that your boiler continues to function efficiently, safely and remains compliant with the recommendations provided in the manufacturers handbook. Here at Shoreline Plumbing, Heating & Gas, we are on hand to carry out all of the necessary check on your boiler.

As part of our service, we'll fire up the boiler and check all major components underneath the boiler casing, check the boiler's flue and clear as necessary, check the pressure level of the gas to ensure that it's being released at a safe and efficient level, clean boiler parts as required and carry out all other remaining checks. 

If you have any questions about boiler servicing, we've answered some FAQ's on boiler servicing over on our blog section, hopefully it helps!

Boiler servicing benefits

There are a couple of benefits that come from servicing your boiler...

Energy efficient boiler

As the boiler is serviced, fuel that is deemed wasteful can be put to better use, helping you reduce your energy bills. 

Avoid boiler breakdowns

By identifying problems with the boiler early on and mitigating them, you can avoid expensive repairs

Quieter boiler

Boilers that are annually serviced are quieter than boilers that aren't.

Boiler warranty/guarantee maintenance

If you have a boiler with an extended guarantee, it's likely that you need to get it annually serviced. In other words, service your boiler, take advantage of all of the above and remain covered for parts and labour too!

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