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Annual boiler service in Rustington

Much like an MOT and service on a car, a boiler service is recommended annually so to ensure that your boiler continues to function efficiently, safely and remains compliant with the recommendations provided in the manufacturers handbook. Here at Shoreline Plumbing, Heating & Gas, we are on hand to carry out all of the necessary check on your boiler.

As part of our service, we'll fire up the boiler and check all major components underneath the boiler casing, check the boiler's flue and clear as necessary, check the pressure level of the gas to ensure that it's being released at a safe and efficient level, clean boiler parts as required and carry out all other remaining checks. 

If you have any questions about boiler servicing, we've answered some FAQ's on boiler servicing over on our blog section, hopefully it helps!

Boiler servicing benefits

The core of your central heating system is your boiler, which is one of the most crucial objects in your home. Hopefully, your boiler works well and functions as it should most of the time, but it will require servicing at times. This might be because there is an issue that requires a repair or a replacement part. It might be because it is due for its annual service, which is the greatest method to maintain your boiler in good working order for a longer period of time. Or it may be that, while it hasn't completely broken down, it's not operating as well as it could and you want some help. 

There are a couple of benefits that come from servicing your boiler, and we have listed them below...

Energy-efficient boiler

As the boiler is serviced, fuel that is deemed wasteful can be put to better use, helping you reduce your energy bills. 

Avoid boiler breakdowns

By identifying problems with the boiler early on and mitigating them, you can avoid expensive repairs

Quieter boiler

Boilers that are annually serviced are quieter than boilers that aren't.

Boiler warranty/guarantee maintenance

If you have a boiler with an extended guarantee, it's likely that you need to get it annually serviced. In other words, service your boiler, take advantage of all of the above and remain covered for parts and labour too!

Is it necessary to service your boiler once a year? 

It certainly is. Having your boiler inspected at least once a year helps keep it working safely and boosts your home's overall energy efficiency. As a result, you may have peace of mind knowing that you and your family are safe while also saving money on long-term central heating expenditures. Boiler maintenance can also save you hundreds of pounds in unexpected boiler repairs or thousands of pounds in a boiler replacement. Boiler repairs typically cost between £100 and £500, but an emergency call-out can be far more expensive.

Validate your boiler's warranty with an annual service

An annual boiler service is necessary to keep your boiler's warranty active. Your boiler warranty may include terms and limitations stating that your boiler requires servicing at least once a year. The manufacturer's warranty on your boiler is often only valid as long as you do regular maintenance on it. Furthermore, if you are a landlord, you must have your boiler serviced at least once every 12 months.

What is involved in a service?

Here is a run-through of what you can expect:

 Visual Inspection

The boiler will first undergo a thorough inspection by our heating engineer, who will be on the lookout for corrosion and leaks. Additionally, they will guarantee that it still complies with all requirements and standards. The flame in your boiler will then be visually inspected by our heating engineer.

 Looking Inside the Boiler

Before cleaning the boiler, we will carefully remove the casing and check that all of the internal parts are in good working order. Additionally, the burner, main injector, spark probe, and heat exchanger are all carefully examined.

 Additional Checks

We continue to conduct additional inspections, such as ensuring that the flue is placed correctly and that the connections are free of obstructions. In order to make sure your boiler is operating properly, we also check to make sure the gas pressure is at the correct pressure.

 Switching the Boiler Back on

Once your boiler has passed our inspections, we restart it and run additional tests to see if there are any problems when the boiler is turned on.

We will be pleased to hand you a Gas Safe certificate if it also passes all required testing and fulfils our specifications. Contact us on our contact form if you'd like more information about what is covered by our boiler service.

(Boiler Servicing FAQs

Why choose Shoreline Plumbing, Heating & Gas

At Shoreline, we understand that your boiler is a vital part of your home. Not only does it provide heat and hot water, but it also plays an important role in overall comfort and indoor air quality. 

We strive to maintain a professional and clear-cut service that our customers will be 100% satisfied with. For your peace of mind, we are Gas Safe Registered and fully insured.

We offer comprehensive boiler services designed to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently. Our team of certified technicians can handle all types of repairs if they're required, from minor issues to major replacements. We also offer regular maintenance packages that can help extend the life of your boiler and prevent future problems. And for your peace of mind, you can check out our positive feedback on our reviews page. When it comes to boiler servicing, Shoreline PHG is the clear choice.

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