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You might be wondering what underfloor heating is and why it's such a popular choice. Underfloor heating is a type of radiant heating that uses either water or electricity to heat the floor. The main advantage of radiant heating is that it's very efficient since it doesn't rely on convection to circulate heat.

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Types of underfloor heating

Electric and water-based underfloor heating are the two main options. Water-based systems are more common in Europe, while electric systems are more popular in the United States. Water-based systems work by circulating hot water through pipes on the floor. Electric systems use electrical resistance to generate heat, which is then transferred to the floor.

Underfloor heating is often used in combination with other types of heating, such as forced-air furnaces or radiators. This allows you to create a customized heating system that meets your needs and saves you good money.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Low Maintenance 

One of the popular reasons homeowners choose underfloor heating West Sussex is because it requires minimal maintenance once it has been installed. This includes electric or wet underfloor heating systems. 

Limited maintenance means you won't have to pay for potential call-out fees and repairs, saving your finances in the long run. 

Low Running Costs 

The entire-house underfloor heating system demands less running costs than central heating systems and conventional radiators that require constant refuelling.

The operating cost of underfloor heating depends on certain factors, such as overall running time, room insulation effectiveness, and so on. 

And since water-based (wet) underfloor heating depends on gas, it offers higher efficiency and low costs, except for the initial installation, which can be expensive. However, electric (dry) underfloor heating may demand high running costs even though installation requires less effort. 

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Energy Efficient 

Compared to old-fashioned heating systems, underfloor heating is more effective and economical concerning your electric bills. 

It requires less energy and can retain heat for longer. 

Enhanced Comfort 

Many people love the comfort that comes with having their homes heated from beneath them during the winter. 

In addition to this, underfloor heating stays at a consistent temperature all over the room, ruling out the possibility of one corner being colder than the other. This is usually the case with less-efficient radiator systems. 

Suitable with Different Floorings 

Many homeowners think that underfloor heating is mostly and only compatible with solid floor surfaces such as stones, slate, or ceramic tiles. However, that is not the case. An underfloor heating system is suitable for nearly any floor type, including vinyl, carpet, engineering and solid wood, and laminate.

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Controllable Temperatures

Underfloor heating allows you to set desirable temperatures in each room of your house. For instance, you can turn off the heating in unoccupied rooms. This helps you monitor your electric usage and saves extra costs on your utility bills. 

How do our engineers install underfloor heating in West Sussex?

If you're considering underfloor heating for your home, installation is a key factor to think about. Here's a step-by-step guide on how our heating engineers install underfloor heating, so you can make the most of this efficient and cost-effective heating system:

  1. First, they will coordinate with you on where you want to install your underfloor heating. This will usually be in the flooring of your choice in the rooms you want to heat most often.
  2. They will help you choose the type of underfloor heating system you want. There are two main types – wet systems, which use water to transfer heat, and electric systems, which use electrical cables.
  3. They will then plan the layout of your underfloor heating system. This will depend on the size and shape of the room or area you're installing it in.
  4. Install the necessary insulation and other materials required for your chosen system. This may include an insulation board, a vapour barrier, and pipes or cables for a wet or electric system respectively.
  5. Engineers will then fit the underfloor heating components according to your plan. This could involve laying down pipes or cables and connecting them to a central manifold, or installing electrical mats or radiant panels.
  6. Connect your underfloor heating system to your central heating boiler or another power source as required. For wet systems, this will usually involve running a cold water feed and waste pipe from your boiler to the manifold; for electric systems, it will involve connecting the mats or panels.

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